The Long Tail is about the economics of abundance—what happens
when the bottlenecks that stand between supply and demand in our
culture start to disappear and everything becomes available to everyone.

In the United States, free trade in wine is elusive in many states, and nonexistent in others. Although wine consumption is unquestionably lawful everywhere, free access to wine is not. Advancements in technology are expanding markets and consumer choice. Wine consumers and retailers are slowly being allowed to participate through pressure on state governments to lift access restrictions in certain markets.

Free Trade is winning. And because of that, the business of how retailers and consumers gain access to wine is changing. Within the wine import sector, there are three major logistics models; Traditional Importer/ Distributor, Direct Importer -Supplier Oriented, Direct Importer –Buyer Oriented. Kirkcrest Imports is a Direct Importer focused on buyer requirements.

Kirkcrest Imports is an innovative company that helps create new markets and value networks by disrupting existing markets quietly displacing incumbent systems. We do this by designing our services for a set of buyers in the new market anxious to take advantage of changes to distribution restrictions and by lowering prices in the existing market.